Enough time

Make time to do your dream. Make time to live the richness.
Make time for what’s important by remembering how truly precious your time is. There is always enough time when you give sufficient value to your time.
Complaining that there’s not enough time merely wastes more of your time. Instead of being resentful about what you must do, be appreciative of what you can do.
Is there something you’re doing that doesn’t seem like it’s worth the time? Then you can either stop doing it or find ways to put more meaningful value into it.
If there’s something you’re doing that’s not important, consider how you can make it important. Put more real value and meaning into your efforts, and the time you give to those efforts will be time well spent.
Appreciate each moment as it comes, giving your authentic best to it. And you’ll have plenty of time to live the life you truly wish to live.

— Ralph Marston